Outsourcing is the exploitation of external resources to accomplish thecompany’s goals. The company does not need to invest its own means  inprocuring  a property, but can still take full use of  it. Alike does not need to invest ineducation or  keeping the professional level  of specialist but can usetheir services according to its needs. If the requirements on technical or  human resourcesare  growing or decreasing, the company does not need to be lookingimmediately for additional resources or to be solving a problem what to do with theexcess  capacities. All duties, property and  economic risks linked to it ,human resources and its agenda – is covered by the provider of outsourcing services.

OutsourcingTECHNISERV, Ltd. provides to its customers outsourcing services in the field of the company’sproduct portfolio, maintenance, technicians and consultants.

Suficient financial resources give Techniserv the possibility to offer to its customers theoutsourcing of technological complexes of high value.

Practical experience with this kind of services given to prominent customersgive us the possibility to effectively define the outsourcing criteria and conditions, and provide our customers with reliabletechnical services of the highest quality.



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