Techniserv, Ltd.  is one of the group of companies operating in the Middle and Eastern Europe under the registered trademark “TECHNISERV”. Techniserv which was originated in Czech Republic in 1991 is now providing  complex delivery and installation of advanced technologies and systems.

In further development of the company,  TECHNISERV Slovakia and TECHNISERV Poland were founded.

TECHISERV Slovakia was established in 1999 and it is focused on supply and utility function of communication technologies and special systems, with realization, development and services of complex IT solutions in voice and data communications and special software. The company has further increased the volume of its activities with the aim to guarantee in maximum efficiency in the complex supply of systems and devices in specialized sectors.

 In the product portfolio of the company you can mainly find IP Phone Centrals, contact centres, special systems for operation, support and maintenance of air traffic, active and passive data elements of cabling systems, electronic fire signalization, CCTV, special security systems. At the same time, the main emphasis is put on security and reliability of the building-up of the systems as a complex. Complex and qualified maintenance represents the natural standard of our services.

TECHNISERV Slovakia has been authorized The Integrated Management System according to standards of quality management - ISO 9001:2015, environmental management  - ISO 14001:2015, occupational safety and health management -ISO 45001:2018, by the Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance company.

Headquarters of TECHNISERV Slovakia is located in Bratislava. The company has opened branch offices in main Slovak cities with the aim to ensure the first-rate services and access to all territory of the Slovak Republic.

Pobočky spoločnosti TECHNISERV, s.r.o.


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